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We champion inclusivity and support for people with disabilities, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Join us in building a community where everyone matters.
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Your Trusted NDIS Provider in Sydney

Your NDIS Journey, Our Shared Commitment.

At Easy M Care Services, we are dedicated to empowering NDIS participants throughout Sydney to live fulfilling and independent lives. As a trusted NDIS provider, we offer a diverse range of personalised support services tailored to meet the unique needs of  NDIS participants. 

Disability Services

Personalised Planning

& Goal Setting

We believe in the power of personalisation. By understanding each individual’s dreams and desires, we design plans that are as unique as they are. With every step tailored to fit their distinct goals, we ensure a path that’s not just focused but also fulfilling, leading to achievements beyond expectations.
Disability Services

Integrated Community


We are passionate about weaving strong community ties. We foster genuine relationships by introducing participants to a vibrant tapestry of local groups and events. Through these connections, participants find not only a space to share and learn but also a warm embrace of belonging, where their contributions are celebrated and cherished.
Disability Services

Continuous Education

& Development

We’re committed to ensuring that our participants never stop exploring it. With many workshops and training sessions, we cater to every curiosity and aspiration. From mastering a novel skill to diving deep into the intricacies of specific subjects, we’re here to illuminate paths of discovery, ensuring growth is an enduring journey, not just a destination.

NDIS Support


As a leading NDIS provider in Sydney, we offer tailored support services to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. These solutions focus on personalised care, empowering participants through a range of services designed to meet unique needs and aspirations.

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Discovering the Best Within You

Disability Services

What Can We Offer You?

NDIS Support Tailored for Personal Growth and Community Engagement

Comprehensive Care Plans

Leveraging our deep expertise in NDIS processes, we create personalised care strategies that not only adhere to NDIS standards but are finely tuned to your specific goals and aspirations.

Diverse Support Services

From skill development workshops and community integration initiatives to specialised therapy sessions, our range of NDIS services is broad, ensuring all your needs are addressed under one umbrella.

Quality Support Coordination

Our team of specialists will guide you seamlessly through the NDIS journey, ensuring optimal utilisation of your funding, connecting you to the right services, and providing ongoing support to ensure your plan evolves with your needs.