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Providing opportunities for social and community involvement to help you move forward in life with motivation and self-confidence.

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What is NDIS Social & Community Participation Support?

Ever wondered what social and community participation is all about? Well, let us break it down for you. Essentially, it’s about connecting with people who share your interests and getting involved in activities that bring you joy.

Think about it – meeting like-minded individuals, spending time on things you’re passionate about, and becoming an active part of your local community. And the best part? You’re in control, choosing activities that genuinely interest you!

Social and community participation is a personal journey because it’s all based on your needs and what you find interesting. It could be something laid-back like hanging out at your local café, joining a football team for some fun, exploring the outdoors with a support worker on a bush walk, or picking up new skills through a driving lesson. It’s all about making your journey uniquely yours!

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What does our Social And Community Participation Service Include?

At Easy M Care, we recognise the profound impact community engagement can have on an individual’s well-being, and our ongoing commitment is to cultivate an environment that fosters interaction and encourages people to participate more freely.

Under the Assistance with Social and Community Participation, the NDIS has the potential to fund a support worker to assist you with various activities, including:

  • Going to classes to learn new stuff
  • Planning a trip or holiday
  • Joining fun social groups
  • Being part of community events or clubs
  • Visiting the local library
  • Enjoying movies or concerts

Enrich Your Experience with Easy M Care Community Participation Support

At Easy M Care, everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, deserves the chance to live life to the fullest. Therefore, we make every attempt to involve you in community concerns and activities that you find enjoyable.

Our community services are designed to ensure your physical and emotional well-being while encouraging your involvement in community-based events, initiatives, and activities. Using these resources, you can improve your social and communicative abilities while also having fun and spending quality time with friends.

The purpose of Easy M Care is to provide high-quality service and other specialized support requirements to those with disabilities. To help each client become self-reliant and realize their full potential, we tailor our services to meet their unique needs, preferences, and abilities to help them feel more inspired and assured to push past their limitations.

Why are our community support services highly preferred in Sydney?

Our community support services in Sydney have become highly sought after because:

Our support workers are not just good; they are highly skilled and certified, ensuring top-notch assistance for our participants. 

We actively support participants in getting involved in various community events, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Our professionals are tuned in to the unique needs of our participants. We tailor our support programs to ensure they address individual requirements effectively.

We guide participants in navigating the NDIS landscape, making it easier for them to achieve their goals without unnecessary hassles.

Your Trusted NDIS Provider in Sydney

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At Easy M Care Services, we are dedicated to empowering NDIS participants throughout Sydney to live fulfilling and independent lives. As a trusted NDIS provider, we offer a diverse range of personalised support services tailored to meet the unique needs of  NDIS participants. 

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To avail of the benefits and support of NDIS, there are specific criteria one needs to meet:

Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS Support Tailored for Personal Growth and Community Engagement

Engaging in social and community activities helps individuals feel included and connected and builds relationships. It enhances social networks, boosts confidence, fosters independence, and contributes to skill development, potentially aiding future job opportunities.

Individuals are responsible for basic costs like membership or entrance fees. However, the NDIS may fund the additional support needed due to a disability, such as a support worker to aid participation or specialised equipment.

Yes, short-term support may be offered to help individuals initiate social and recreational activities. This support aims to build skills for independent participation or connect individuals with regular assistance.

The NDIS typically does not fund basic activity costs like entry fees, standard equipment, or participation at a professional or elite level. Support for young children’s activities, where parents are expected to provide support, is also not funded.