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Welcome to Easy M Care Services — where your well-being is our priority. As a trusted NDIS provider in NSW and ACT, we’re committed to delivering top-notch support services tailored for individuals with disabilities in Sydney and Canberra.

Our ethos is simple: You Matter. That’s why our passionate team, equipped with expertise and empathy, is dedicated to empowering you to lead a fulfilling life and reach your personal milestones.

At Easy M Care Services, we celebrate the unique journey of every individual. Our specialised team, adept in navigating the multifaceted landscape of disability support, collaborates with you and your loved ones to craft bespoke support plans. These plans are not just about meeting needs—they’re about nurturing aspirations and dreams.

From daily living support to fostering community engagement, from facilitating social connections to enabling recreational pursuits — we’re here to champion your independence and zest for life.

Embark on a journey towards empowerment with us. Reach out today, and let’s make your best life a shared mission — because you matter.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the NDIS community, Easy M Care has carved a niche through its pioneering approach to innovation and technology. Recognising the transformative potential of technological advancements, we have seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art tools and platforms into our care paradigms. Our digital initiatives are designed not only to streamline administrative processes but, more crucially, to enhance the overall experience and outcomes for our participants. 

From advanced communication platforms that bridge the gap between caregivers and participants to assistive technologies that empower individuals with disabilities, our tech-forward approach ensures that every service is delivered efficiently, effectively, and with a personal touch. At Easy M Care, we’re proud to showcase how technology, when harnessed with care and insight, can make a profound difference in the NDIS community.

Our Assurance?

Commitment to Person-Centred Care

We pledge to place the individual and their unique needs at the centre of our service delivery. We commit to actively listening to each participant’s goals, preferences, and aspirations and tailoring our services to align with their personal objectives. We respect and acknowledge that every individual’s experience and needs are unique, and we strive to provide meaningful and individualised support.

Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

We commit to consistently delivering high-quality services that adhere to the best industry standards and NDIS regulations. This involves regular training for our staff, periodic reviews of our procedures, and actively seeking feedback from participants and stakeholders. We recognise the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in responding to the evolving needs of the disability sector.

Commitment to Integrity and Transparency

We pledge to operate with the utmost integrity in all our interactions, ensuring that we remain transparent, honest, and accountable. We promise to communicate openly with participants, their families, and other stakeholders about our services, costs, and any changes that might affect them. We recognise the community’s trust in us as an NDIS provider, and we strive to maintain and enhance this trust through ethical and transparent operations.